Rumptse Boght


Rumptse Boght – A legendary new drink from the Betuwe

Rumptse Boght combines the finest Betuwe fruit and floral honey to create a delightful drink that’s perfect on it’s own or mixed with cocktails. Plump blackberries and perfectly ripe cherries are carefully combined and steeped in alcohol and allowed to gently mature. The result is a wonderful drink that marries the dryness of gin with distinctive cassis sweetness that’s perfectly balanced. All the ingredients are locally grown in the Betuwe region of Holland, know for its fertile soils and rich, fruit farming heritage.

This artisanal drink is 39% proof and is equally enjoyable on cosy, Winter evenings in front of the fire or over ice, alfresco on those warm Summer evenings spent watching the sun dip beneath the horizon. The name comes both from the old Dutch word for blended drink / potion and that ‘de Leeuwen Acker’ (the farm that produces it) is located on the corner of the entrance to the ancient village Rumpt (‘boght’ means corner in Dutch).

Back in the middle ages, the village Rumpt had its’ own resident Knight. According to local legend, the Knight defended Rumpt from all those who would seek to invade. He is buried under an oak tree, not far from the River Linge, on the edge of the village.

It’s this tale that has been used with more than a little imagination to create the ‘back story’ for the drink’s heritage. Although as the bottle label suggests, some or none of that may be true.
Available in 20cl, 35cl, 50cl and 70cl sizes, Rumptse Boght is also available in presentation boxes and makes an ideal gift for Birthdays, Christmas or as a ‘thank you’. But once you’ve tasted it, you will probably want to keep it all for yourself.

For more information, please contact: Natasja Verkou.